Whether you came here looking for the Bitty Knitter or simply stumbled across this page by accident (probably the more likely option), I’m glad you’re here. 

On this blog, you’ll find posts about my latest projects, reviews and other knitting-related updates. I hope aspiring, learning and experienced knitters alike will find something worth reading here.

Feeling lost? Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of posts on this blog:

  • Bitty Budget: Let’s face it: Knitting has lots of potential to be a hefty investment. Here are my tips on how to keep the stitches flowing at minimal cost.
  • Project Placement: Every handmade creation has a story worth telling. In this category, I share the steps, supplies and struggles behind each endeavor.
  • Show & Tell: There are numerous ways to improve your knitting. Here, you can find tutorials, reviews on various knitting products and links to other blogs I enjoy.
  • Stash Shots: Some images can speak for themselves. These photos capture the various cakes, skeins and hanks I buy or that simply make me drool.
  • Tiny Tales: No blog is complete without a touch of personality. Tiny Tales are short stories from the crafty part of my life.

Check back on Thursdays for new posts. I hope you enjoy spending time with the Bitty Knitter.

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